Rethinking Remote Work, In The Mountains Of Trento

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Remote work has slowly started to become the norm over the last two years. Various industries have started to make a change to a work-from-home or a remote approach. 

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are in their element and have become even more motivated to succeed in their careers. 

Who wouldn’t want to swap long commutes and stuffy cubicles for home offices and zoom meetings? 

While some people thrive in a remote role, the routine can become stale. Living in big, over-populated cities can be overwhelming, and you might end up losing sight of your goals and losing touch with nature. 

You find yourself daydreaming about running away to the mountains – instead of getting ahead of your to-do list. 

What if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds? 

Wake up to rolling mountain views and fresh air, while still being able to work in modern, fully connected co-working spaces surrounded by 15th Century buildings. 

You can go on the adventures and excursions you’ve always dreamt of, and explore and connect with nature while still getting the opportunity to socialize and connect with incredible people from all around the world. You can really have it all. 

Trento offers beautiful architecture, incredible food and wine, modern technology, mountain climbing and MTB tracks, and the chance to explore Italian culture and lifestyle first-hand. 

Trento Remote, recognizing the need to reconnect with nature, foster community and spend more time with family created an all-inclusive package to live and work in the mountains of Trento. 

Trento Remote will help you with applying for visas, taxes, finding a school for your children, learning Italian, gym memberships and the opportunity to connect with incredible local and international friends. The package includes organized activities to explore the surrounding area and see everything Trento has to offer from wine and food, to history and culture, and access to free desk space at local co-working spots. We will also assist you with finding fully furnished apartments for you and your family, exclusive perks to and networking events to create more fulfilling connections and experiences. 

If you work remotely and are looking to reconnect with nature and your goals, this is the perfect opportunity to make your dream come true. From business owners looking to network and build connections, to freelancers, or digital nomads looking for a home base, Trento Remote will give you the opportunity to live and work at your best in one convenient package. 

If you are interested in taking the leap or want to learn more about Trento Remote, get on the waitlist here

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