How nature can affect your wellbeing and overall productivity

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Human beings have an instinctive need to connect with nature and other life forms. With the rise of technology people started to move away from nature and into cities. This altered the way humans connect and interact with nature, creating separation between our everyday lives and the natural world. 

Our day to day lives became about computer screens, lifeless office cubicles and sitting in traffic during our daily commutes. We started connecting less with the natural world and deeper human connection became harder to come by. 

This disconnect has a direct impact on our wellbeing and has led to an increase in stress levels, blood pressure and illnesses. Not only are we affected physically, but mentally as well. Mood, performance, focus and productivity are all negatively affected by a lack of access to nature. 

Studies have shown that air quality is on average 5 times worse indoors, and in 2018, 55% of the world’s population lived in cities. The increasing amount of absences from the workplace and illness can be explained by a lack of sufficient sunlight. 

We spend around half our waking hours in an office, shouldn’t the place we spend a significant amount of our lives be a place that increases our wellbeing? 

Increasing our time in nature, and including more natural elements in our day to day lives will not only be advantageous to our own personal wellbeing, but also the economy. 

The world is slowly starting to embrace the significance of personal wellness and the effect it can have on the success of a business and the overall economy. 

Studies have found that the presence of natural elements and access to nature increases overall wellbeing, stimulates all 5 senses, reduces stress and decreases blood pressure. This also increases self-esteem, mood, and attention in employees. Even a quick glance at nature can relax the brain, which leads to people making less mistakes and getting distracted less. 

Italian and other international companies have started to invest in corporate gardens in an effort to bring nature closer and increase the natural elements in a corporate setting. Even small changes such as potted plants, living walls, pictures of natural scenery and views of nature can have this positive effect on people. 

With the rise of remote work and work-from-home policies, we now have the best chance to re-connect with nature. Flexible schedules, less time spent commuting, more quality family time and the opportunity to travel while still doing your day job. 

That’s where Trento Remote comes in: we have created an all-inclusive package for people looking to reconnect with nature while still being able to do their day-to-day jobs. In the mountains of Trento, surrounded by incredible 15th Century buildings, we want to give you the chance to live your best life. We will assist with every part of this journey, from visas to co-working spaces, connecting with nature to finding a home. So you can focus on your family, your wellbeing and your work. 

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